Physical Therapy

Physical therapy helps to reduce pain, promote movement, restore function, and prevent disability. It is a route of healthcare that does not involve prescribing medication, and can possibly help you avoid surgery.

Your state licensed physical therapist will examine you at your first session. This will entail taking your subjective history, taking measurements (range of motion, strength, etc.), and palpating the bones and tissue surrounding the injured site. With that information your therapist can evaluate your injury and put together a unique and well formulated plan to help you function better when performing your everyday activities, or help you get back to the work environment safely.

Your physical therapy plan may include, but is not limited to, the following: therapeutic exercises (cardiovascular, strengthening, stretches), manual therapy (passive range of motion, soft tissue mobilization, joint mobilizations), postural education, gait training, etc. The physical therapist will be able to explain what your individual plan will entail based on the findings from the initial examination.

Our physical therapists strive to provide quality out-patient physical therapy services in Park Ridge.  On your first visit, the initial evaluation, you will fill out paperwork regarding your medical history and current condition.  Once your paperwork is complete, the Physical Therapist will bring you into a private treatment room.  Your initial evaluation will begin with an interview/discussion regarding your current health and injury.  Your therapist will ask you how you obtained your injury, how you are currently feeling, and your pain changes throughout the day.  This provides the Physical Therapist better insight of what functional activities are giving you difficulty and/or increasing your pain.  After you and the therapist are done discussing your injury, your therapist will perform an examination.  This will entail taking measurements of your range of motion, strength, flexibility, swelling, posture, walking, and balance.

Once the exam is complete, your Physical Therapist will discuss the findings and discuss your treatment plan.  You may be given some exercises or stretches after your exam to begin at home. Your follow-up appointment will be 45 minutes to 1 hour where you will be instructed how to correctly perform therapeutic exercise.  Massage, ice and heat may be incorporated into your treatment regimen.  You will be reassessed throughout the duration of your treatment sessions to track your progress.  It is suggested that you wear loose fitting/comfortable clothing and gym shoes.